twisted business vol 2

Uncategorized,27 August 2014
dress andiata// gloves hm// turban zara// shoes louboutin// sunglasses ray ban
hair and makeup by Natasha Smee


Uncategorized,26 August 2014
Hi, I hope you all are doing fine<3.
Today on my daily morning walk I passed by a school yard. There were lots of children playing, and I slowed down to watch them play. When I got closer I saw something that caught my eye, a little girl sitting on a rock all by herself, looking very sad. She was all alone in the middle of an otherwise hectic yard. I stopped because my first instinct was to walk up to her, give her a hug and ask her if she was ok, but I didn’t. I froze and couldn’t come up with anything to say to comfort her. I thought that maybe she’d be afraid of me, because I would have had to walk through gates to get to her. 
Now, I regret not saying or doing anything, and I can’t get this moment out of my head. Even the thought of all the bullying going on between children makes me so incredibly sad, and it hurts my heart thinking that so many children suffer at school. I can’t even bare the thought of others being mean to my baby, but no matter how strong, confident and well I try to rase my child, some things are out of my reach, and that’s just how it is. I regret not acting today, but now I know that the next time I will! 
Kindness is everything in this world<3
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