red red regret

Outfit,30 May 2014
leather jacket from hollies stockholm// sweatshirt bikbok// pants zara// flats from spanish bailarinas// 
wallet from louis vuitton// sunglasses chanel //bracelet andiata
Finally some color in this blog! I have been wearing way too much black and white lately. Actually it is totally one of my friends fault! She always wears black, and because she always looks so good I thought, if I’d copy her it would have the same effect on me. Unfortunately it’s not that flattering on me since my skin tone is so light. Anyhow, black is always elegant and gorgeous, but sometimes a girl needs some color in her life! 
This leather jacket is pure perfection if you ask me. It’s soft and it’s the perfect shade of red. I love red! It’s classic, easy to match and it also happens to be my husbands favorite color <3. 
 I wish I had more colorful leather jackets (yes I am dangerously addicted to leather jackets)! Few years ago Andiata had an orange one. I can’t tell you how much I beat myself up for not getting it!!! It makes me angry every time I think about it! I have even tried to ask around if there would be one left hidden somewhere just waiting for me, but no luck there either :(.
What’s your favorite color? And yes, also black counts as a color :P! 

morning walk

Outfit,28 May 2014


trench coat from burberry// top filippa k// pants from andiata// shoes converse//
 bag dolce&gabbana// sunglasses chanel