11 tips on innovative ways to dress for success (in business)

Fashion,Outfit,3 August 2018

It’s not just me, but most of us are about to return to work or school. It’s been such a great summer, it’s almost difficult to imagine getting dressed in more than one layer of clothing. Last week, when I was in Helsinki I gathered some of my favorite work looks together with one of my collaboration partners. Although I like business wear and think traditional is nice, I still think it’s easy and fun to spice things up a little. Choosing my favorite products for the work season made me think of new innovative ways to dress for more conservative environments. I also want to thank you for giving me new perspectives and ideas through my Instagram stories.

Here are my tips on how to hopefully find inspiration in dressing for business again!Start from the first layer. Good and well fitted underwear is the start to great fit. Nude, seamless underwear works best in my opinion and won’t shine through white blouses and shirts. However, if you wear black turtlenecks or other tight dark garments, go for a black bra.

Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a steamer now! They cost around 50€ and save you so much time, gives you beautiful and polished clothes and is super easy to use. I bring mine with me wherever I go. It’s perfect for travelling.

Sets might be the best way to achieve a proper, well considered and complete look easily. I love suits, but there are lots of options now a days that are more relaxed than traditional suits.

If you like to wear a classic suit, it can easily be spiced up with fun shoes. Brogues in a metallic color or with a thicker sole, instantly makes the overall look more untraditional and interesting. I’m also in love with white shoes, slingback’s or chunkier boots paired with skinnier trousers.I love midi skirts paired with relaxed blazers or fitted cashmere knits. The skirt can be patterned and I think it’s lovely to accentuate a color in the skirt by pairing it with a knit in the same color.

Being creative and think outside the box is totally ok as long as you don’t wear too revealing clothes and make sure the overall look is polished and appropriate. I would stay away from ripped jeans and distressed tee-shirts. If you want to go for a wild card, pairing it with something conservative like a blazer, white button up shirt or a pair of black trousers will instantly tone down the look.

A good rule is to think big paired with fitted. If you wear a voluminous skirt or a pair of wide legged trousers, pairing it with a more fitted top usually works best. If you like oversized boyfriend shirts like me, you get lots of variety depending on how you wear it. A shirt can be belted, worn half tucked in, knotted or completely tucked in.

Accessories. I love big earrings and think they spice up any simple outfit. For work, I think it’s important not to go overboard. To get the idea, think black suit with black tasseled earrings or green skirt with matching earrings and a white shirt. Hair accessories are wonderful as well. Tie a scarf or velvet, leather or satin band around your ponytail or wear a nice pin or headband.Bag. Consider investing in a simple shopper. I recommend the one I have from Balmuir. In this bag, you can fit a laptop, papers, all your necessities, a pair of shoes and a smaller bag if you want. I love this one because it goes with everything, it’s timeless and great in quality.

Culottes. A tip is to wear patterned stockings under a nice pair of culottes and pair them with pumps. I love to spice up simple and classic pieces like this to bring some charm.

Buy a winter coat that isn’t a puffer, but can fit a blazer underneath. Sorry to say, but I really don’t think a down coat works so well with elegant office attire.

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