10 things you didn’t know about me

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My favorite animal has always been and still is the penguin. One of my all time favorite movie is the “march of the penguins”. It’s all about survival and it’s rather harsh, but it shows beauty in simplicity and reminds me of what life is really all about.
I don’t eat any fruit candy (only chocolate and sometimes but rather rarely liquorice), simply because I don’t like it.
When I’m at home, I sing constantly!
I am and have always been very good at nurturing my friendships. I ALWAYS find time to see my friends and talk to them in one way or another, no matter what I’m doing and where I am in the world. No boyfriends, honeymoon phases, jobs or time differences are an excuse to me!
I am a nail biter in recovery.
Exercise is therapy to me, only cheaper.
Before I became a mother nothing could make me cry. Now I tear up every day.
I wear glasses most of the time.
I have noticed that only friends that I could eat a dinner with naked ( in theory ;D), are the people I want to spend time with and the friends that have stuck around from year to another! My friends know everything about me and I want to be comfortable, expose everything and just be myself around them.
I am terrible at math!!!
picture by Elina Simonen


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