Fashion,4 July 2020

After many grey days, I’m starting to feel a bit homesick. Although I love rain personally, it’s a lot more difficult to entertain the children here where our indoor living space is basically one room and a house without our usual comforts of toys and play- areas. I spend my time looking out the window waiting for a clear- (er) moment for me to take a walk. Probably a very healthy and necessary lifestyle sometimes, but right now straight after corona, not exactly what we crave. One thing is for sure though, when we get out of this corona jail and cottage life, I will be more ready than ever to get back to business and life!

Today I’m not wearing this outfit, but if I were in town I could and probably would. Instead I’ve lost all interest in wearing proper clothes and instead I’m dragging myself around wearing half pajama half dirty sweats.

Looking forward to a good and refreshing shower next week back home. Where are you right now?

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Home decor vol. 8

interior,30 June 2020

It’s raining over here today and it’s dark and feels chilly. I’m wearing sweatpants, a coat (inside) and woolen socks in my Birkenstocks. Today was the first day we did something else but hang out in the garden and the first day I visited the little city center here at the cottage. I love flea market shopping, but I feel less inspired now when all I want is to empty out what we already have. However, it’s always welcomed, and much appreciated to bring home something little for the kids after being here for over 3 weeks with almost no toys. I bought a dragon umbrella for my son and a little toy dog and some nail art glitter for my daughter. We love practicing doing manicures together!

Now I’m just about to go for a walk and talk on the phone the entire time. I love catching up with friends over the phone! I miss them all so much when I’m here.

Here are some general inspiration pictures for the home that we’ve been working on a bit more lately. Thought it would be cozy to get into this mood during this rainy day.

Hope you’ve had a great one today!

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