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July 29, 2016






dress whistles// jacket samsoe

This wall filled with blooming red roses must be one of the most beautiful spots in Helsinki. I camouflaged myself into the background quite well in my baby blue dress and mossy suede jacket. Baby blue and green is an interesting combination I’ve always liked. It’s rather surprising, but good in a weird way.

I feel like I spend most of my time in the car driving between the country side and home. So many people and places to see. Intimate family time to say the least.


Pictures by Janita Autio


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July 27, 2016


I know the sunny and hot weather just arrived, but I can’t stop the newly arrived fall collections from making me dream just a tiny bit about layering and bundling up in a little bit more than a sun dress. There are a few things I crave every fall. Leather, black boots and knits. No matter how many wonderful knits and cardigans I have hanging in my closet I still manage to convince myself I need just one more.

I already posted an outfit (here) wearing the lighter version of Busnel’s classic cardigans. So this time it’s time for this wonderfully luxurious and heavy wool coat. This coat is so classic I feel like I need to mix it up with either a leather skirt/pants or grey ripped jeans and biker boots. The off white color and golden buttons are elegant and ladylike, therefore breaking up the look by pairing it with contrasting materials creates the perfect balance. This way a piece continues to live through all kinds of trends year after year. Offering completely new looks just by styling it differently.








cardigan busnel// skirt & tee zara// shoes &other story

Pictures by Janita Autio