Home decor vol.2

interior,14 November 2019

Project home is proceeding slowly but stress free. We have met a few amazing interior architects and think we’ve found a perfect match. I’m continuing to daydream about decorative sealings, clutter free spaces and a minimalistic lifestyle where every item me have, have its specific place.

Right now I’m thinking I want a brushed chevron wood floor, a white kitchen where everything is more or less hidden behind cabinet doors, wild looking marble imitation with a color theme and look of spilled coffee. I’m thinking more soft and warm tones of toffee than the grey -ish we have right now. I know this mood board is more grey, but just saying ;). However, I need to think everything through a hundred times, because I really want to be sure we won’t get tired of the choices. Planning is everything and for once, I don’t want to rush into anything.

Hope you like this second mood board as much as I do.


Pictures: Pinterest

Wine o’ clock

Fashion,Outfit,12 November 2019

Here is one of my latest favorite autumn looks. I love burgundy and think it’s a perfect color for all of us who feel at our best in neutrals. Especially when worn from head to toe since it calms down the look a lot. This entire look (except for the bag and belt) is from H&M premium line. Whenever I shop at H&M I always shop from this section, because the materials are beautiful and the clothes so much more comfortable and most of all long lasting. Just a side note for those of us who prefer high quality materials, but at a better price point ;).

Today, I’m taking it rather easy, trying to catch up on some upcoming work things. However, I decided to look for an office space, so that it would be easier for me to separate work and free time. I decided to get back on track with my yoga and can now proudly announce that I’ve attended Bikram classes two evenings in a row and now I pretty much can’t move my legs. It was tougher than expected, but I deserved it since I haven’t done a single asana in forever. Crawled home looking like the girl in the movie The ring.

Later this week I’m announcing good news for those of you who’s looking for something to wear for all the upcoming pre -Christmas events, but first I’m planning to post some more interior inspiration. See you soon!

blazer, dress and boots H&M// bag Coccinelle// belt vintage

Pictures by Juuli Rönkä