Midweek weekend

Uncategorized,16 November 2017

Last few nights have been awful. My head has kept me up sleepless, and I’ve been lacking energy during the days. Today I’ve stayed in bed more or less all day. I’ve been studying, but I also took a long nap. Right now I’m craving gingerbread cookies and cinnamon buns, but can’t decide wether it’s worth leaving this heavenly bed or not?

Some days I just want to stay home with the family and isolate us from the rest of the world. I feel like it does all of us good to take a break. Maybe it’s enough if we heat up the sauna and eat a huge breakfast in bed for dinner. All of a sudden Thursday turned into Sunday and that’s exactly what we needed.

Pictures by Linda Koskinen

Twinning is always winning

Fashion,15 November 2017

I don’t know if you’ve seen her here before, but I feel her presense in almost every post, because now a days she’s my partner in fashion during daily outfit shoots. Ever since we invested in cameras of our own we’ve been practicing and exchanging favors back and forth. We also have quite similar taste, which makes it easy when choosing pictures and becomes handy also style wise.

We are both determined and effective, therefore we embrace our similarities and double the outcome. I’ve learned that even though there might be differences which there usually are, focusing on what there is in common gives perspective, grows empathy and brings color, joy and understanding into our lives.

These pictures are from Monday’s collaboration  shoot that will be featured on Instagram today and later this week. Happy we got the opportunity to do this project together. Follow Didem here!

Dressed in Gina Tricot//Pictures by Juuli Rönkä